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Be water, my friend.

This morning I opened an email newsletter from a fellow landscape photographer James Brandon, who shared this passage in his weekly newsletter. “I’m including the quote from last week again because the importance of this mindset really sank in over the past few weeks, and I want it to sink in for you as well…

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art journaling

Art Journaling – Week 4

I find that I am really looking forward to the weekly art journaling prompts. Curious to see where the creativity will take me. My art journaling is definitely at the mercy of my moods. Or perhaps my journaling is just evolving. It will be interesting to look back at my creations at the end of…

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Blessed are the Flexible

I love this quote I found last night while browsing through Pinterest.

Creativity is Messy Quote

Well this explains why my house is a mess then!  I’m a very creative person.  LOL

Stitched Flaws Quote

Found this quote on Pinterest about stitched flaws which I love. I will be the first to admit that my personality has many flaws.  But those flaws are what make me uniquely me.  I wish I could credit the original author of this quote, unfortunately there was no link to the original author so I…

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Mother Teresa Quote

I was stumbling on Pinterest today when I found this beautiful Mother Teresa quote.  They are words to live by.


Life can be hard sometimes, but if we all just take one step back and enjoy what we have in life; then we can see the importance of Peace, Hope & Love.

i heart faces: Friendship

Funny how life manages to repeat itself through the generations.  I met my best friend in 1976 when I got interested in Blue Birds Troop (part of the Camp Fire USA) and my Mom let me join a local troop.  The troop leader had a daughter who was 11 months and 1 day older than…

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