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Be water, my friend.

This morning I opened an email newsletter from a fellow landscape photographer James Brandon, who shared this passage in his weekly newsletter. “I’m including the quote from last week again because the importance of this mindset really sank in over the past few weeks, and I want it to sink in for you as well…

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What’s new in my camera gear bag?

Yes, I have a new toy in my camera gear bag. And it’s not your normal camera gadget.  It’s a GPS unit.  More specifically it’s the Garmin eTrex 20 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator. A few years ago I got this idea of geotagging all the images I capture of joshua trees and creating a book…

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family portraits

Tilley Family Portraits

Spring is in full bloom and so is the need for updated family portraits. Mom has been saving up for an Image Block Collection ever since she first saw the sample I purchased shortly after WPPI 2012.  And the Plaza Grande is perfect for this family of 6.  There’s a large block to showcase the…

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Art Journaling – Week 6

art journaling

Art Journaling – Week 7

As beautiful as Sedona is, I was just really disappointed with the most of the images I captured with my DSLR.  Just wasn’t feeling the colors in my images that I saw with my eyes.  So I decided to take a break from my photo editing and turn my energy towards my art journaling.  I…

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prom timeline by patricia knight photography

The Prom Timeline – Planning Your Senior Prom

  Senior Prom may still be four months away but its never too soon to start planning your special night out. Planning your senior prom can feel overwhelming at first, but if you break it down into small steps you’ll feel like your getting something accomplished as you complete each step.  Here are 5 Steps…

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What to Wear Guide for Winter

One word for those of you living in the Morongo Basin – LAYERS! One day it can be a nice and comfortable 73 degrees and then 34 degrees come tomorrow.  We’ve already experienced some of those extreme differences this month and its not even officially “winter” yet.  So you know what I’m talking about. I…

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What 2 Wear: Senior Style – In Full Bloom

I. LOVE. THESE. OMBRE. SHORTS! If I could find them in my size, I would so shave my legs to be able to wear them.  LOL Seriously though, I think this is a stylish outfit for any high school senior girl.  Light. Refreshing. And fun!

We want YOU to be a Senior Rep Model

It has finally launched and we couldn’t be more excited! The Senior Rep Model Program for Patricia Knight Photography has launched and is in high gear! We are actively looking for 2014 Seniors who want to earn free stuff, free sessions and did we mention cash? It’s not hard to become a Senior Rep! Scroll…

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Introducing Senior 2014 – Senior Portraits by

I’m so excited to finally be launching Senior 2014! It finally all came together.  I could not be more relieved! You know why?  I have been working on this particular project for about two years now.  It started when my own daughter began her senior year at Yucca Valley High School.  There were no exciting…

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