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Be water, my friend.

This morning I opened an email newsletter from a fellow landscape photographer James Brandon, who shared this passage in his weekly newsletter. “I’m including the quote from last week again because the importance of this mindset really sank in over the past few weeks, and I want it to sink in for you as well…

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What’s new in my camera gear bag?

Yes, I have a new toy in my camera gear bag. And it’s not your normal camera gadget.  It’s a GPS unit.  More specifically it’s the Garmin eTrex 20 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator. A few years ago I got this idea of geotagging all the images I capture of joshua trees and creating a book…

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A Sort of Homecoming

As I got into my vehicle to leave the local hospital, plugged my mp3 player into the stereo and hit play. The sounds of A Sort of Homecoming by U2 began filling the air.  “How appropriate!” I thought to myself as I began to sing the words I know by heart. You see, this morning…

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blood moon october 2014 by patricia kngiht photography

October’s Blood Moon

The second of four blood moons made it’s appearance over Joshua Tree National Park (despite clouds rolling in from Hurricane Simon) in the wee hours this morning.  The first blood moon happened back in April. And the next two blood moons will grace the skies in 2015 (April and September). After watching my primetime shows…

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Family Portraits – Joshua Tree National Park

It’s rare to have a day here in the desert without wind these days.  And had we meet in the Park for our original Family Portrait Session, it would have been gusting all about us.  But fate intervened, and Miles took a tumble the day before, which left him with quite the shiner on his…

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Instacanvas Featured Artist of the Week

So I am totally stoked!  I am one of this weeks Insta’ Featured Artists of the Week. Remember those images I captured on New Year’s Day while out hiking with my family in Joshua Tree National Park?  Well I submitted this landscape image to and it’s being featured on their homepage all this…

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Happy 2013

Another year is in the photo album.  And its time to begin the next chapter, Happy 2013.  I started new year by gathering my family and venturing into Joshua Tree National Park for an afternoon hike, despite the chilly temps.  When the sun was out, I do believe we may have reached a high of…

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A Hidden Gem: The JT & S Railroad Museum

Who would have ever thought that there would be a railroad museum hidden away in the desert.  But that is exactly what I discovered today when I ventured toward the west entrance of the Joshua Tree National Park to the JT & S Railroad Museum.  And I would have not known about this place if…

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She Said Yes!

Probably one of the most romantic things I have ever captured.  A Surprise Marriage Proposal! Atop a rock in the Joshua Tree National Park.  One of my all time favorite places, I might add. It was a gorgeous fall day in the desert.  Perfect for rock climbing.  Or so she thought.  Little did she know…

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Night Photography – Cholla Cactus Garden

Photographing the desert landscape is not always easy.  Sometimes it can be downright dangerous.  Even more so when walking in a garden of Cholla Cactus (aka jumping cholla) after dark.  Because those spines have a way of finding their way into you when you least expect it.  And they don’t tickle.  In fact, it usually…

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