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Military Homecomings are like Christmas

As a Welcome Them Home photographer, I have attended several military homecomings over the last 4 years, and this is how I equate military homecomings to Christmas. 1. Anticipation – Kids (young and old) begin counting down the days to Christmas the moment December 1st arrives and the anticipation grows each day as you get…

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military homecoming in april

A Military Homecoming in April

April has been a busy month for military homecomings. And a busy time for those anxiously awaiting the return of their loved ones from military deployment.   Stocking the kitchen. Making banners. Cleaning house.  Getting time off from work. As for me, I get prepared by making sure all my equipment is clean and in working…

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welcome them home military homecoming video

Welcome Them Home – April’s Military Homecoming Video

These days military wives start looking for a photographer for their husband’s homecoming just after they leave for deployment.  That was the definitely the case with  Mrs. S, who contacted me just after the first of the year to commission me for her husbands homecoming.  While having coffee in our local Starbucks that January morning,…

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family portraits

Tilley Family Portraits

Spring is in full bloom and so is the need for updated family portraits. Mom has been saving up for an Image Block Collection ever since she first saw the sample I purchased shortly after WPPI 2012.  And the Plaza Grande is perfect for this family of 6.  There’s a large block to showcase the…

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Art Journaling – Week 6

prom timeline by patricia knight photography

The Prom Timeline – Planning Your Senior Prom

  Senior Prom may still be four months away but its never too soon to start planning your special night out. Planning your senior prom can feel overwhelming at first, but if you break it down into small steps you’ll feel like your getting something accomplished as you complete each step.  Here are 5 Steps…

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Got a camera for Christmas? Here are 5 must have camera accessories!

What snap happy person doesn’t love getting a shiny new camera for Christmas. I know I would be thrilled beyond belief if my family surprised me with the camera of my dreams for Christmas (the one and only Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP Full Frame CMOS with 1080p Full-HD Video Mode Digital SLR…

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What to Wear Guide for Winter

One word for those of you living in the Morongo Basin – LAYERS! One day it can be a nice and comfortable 73 degrees and then 34 degrees come tomorrow.  We’ve already experienced some of those extreme differences this month and its not even officially “winter” yet.  So you know what I’m talking about. I…

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JTAG: Best in Show

And this is how I found out that I had actually placed 3rd in the Best of Show at the Opening Artists Reception for the “Place” Exhibit at JTAG this past weekend.   Epic failure on my part to not even be present for my first award at my first showing in an art gallery. …

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Wise words from Buddha

Over the years I have tried to share words of wisdom with my daughter (who just turned 20 this summer) as she was growing up and discovering who she was.  Sometimes those words came directly from me.  And sometimes I found that other people wrote it more eloquently.  This is one of those times were…

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