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lightning in joshua tree national park captured by patricia knight photography

Star Struck by Lightning

With thunder rattling the upper atmosphere and lightning charging the skies, I grabbed my gear and prayed I wouldn’t get struck by lightning as I chased the storm cells in Joshua Tree National Park. The past 48 hours have been a whirlwind of weather.  Which is unusual for the desert.  Usually it’s just hot.  Miserably…

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Be water, my friend.

This morning I opened an email newsletter from a fellow landscape photographer James Brandon, who shared this passage in his weekly newsletter. “I’m including the quote from last week again because the importance of this mindset really sank in over the past few weeks, and I want it to sink in for you as well…

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rain in joshua tree

Rain in Joshua Tree

Rain in Joshua Tree? We had winter like weather the last week of 2014.  And since then, it has felt more like Spring in the desert. Almost thought I was going to have to shave my legs so I could wear shorts out in public once again. And then Monday morning I woke up and…

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art journaling page for week 15 star struck

Art Journaling – Week 15 – Star Struck

Getting caught up on my art journaling.  This week’s theme was star struck.  I couldn’t help but think of some of my favorite images that would be perfect for this art journaling page. I love night photography. I love that I live next door to Joshua Tree National Park, which has little light pollution. Which…

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The Blood Moon

Capturing the blood moon (the first of 4 lunar eclipses visible in North America over the next 17 months) was almost perfect. Camping spot picked out at Ryan Campground. Check! Makings for s’mores. Check! Firewood. Check! Lighter & Matches. Check! Camera Gear! Check! Jackets. Check! Truck gassed up. Check! My son and I made plans…

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Family Portraits – Joshua Tree National Park

It’s rare to have a day here in the desert without wind these days.  And had we meet in the Park for our original Family Portrait Session, it would have been gusting all about us.  But fate intervened, and Miles took a tumble the day before, which left him with quite the shiner on his…

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How I’m Feeling

Yep!  This Picture Quote I found on Pinterest says it all.  My regular readers may have noticed that my blog has been taken over by crickets the last several weeks.  That’s because I was moving.  Can I just say that moving SUCKS! This move especially since we downsized from a 2000 square foot home to…

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Happy 2013

Another year is in the photo album.  And its time to begin the next chapter, Happy 2013.  I started new year by gathering my family and venturing into Joshua Tree National Park for an afternoon hike, despite the chilly temps.  When the sun was out, I do believe we may have reached a high of…

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A Hidden Gem: The JT & S Railroad Museum

Who would have ever thought that there would be a railroad museum hidden away in the desert.  But that is exactly what I discovered today when I ventured toward the west entrance of the Joshua Tree National Park to the JT & S Railroad Museum.  And I would have not known about this place if…

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Family Portraits in the Joshua Tree National Park

I love it when families decide to start new traditions.  Take The Dean Family, for example, who is currently stationed at the Marine Base in 29 Palms. They’ve only been for several months now and have yet to really explore the desert landscape they are currently calling home.  As we discussed their plans for a…

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