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joshua tree birthday celebration

Birthday Celebration in Joshua Tree

I have been looking forward to this Birthday Celebration in Joshua Tree since January! That’s when my client first commissioned me for this epic celebration. I mean, how often does your little sister turn the big 4-0?  And some of their bestest friends were going to be joining them for this once in a lifetime…

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joshua tree photographer gets published in national magazine

Published – Woman’s World Magazine

As an Introvert, I am usually not comfortable with bringing attention to myself. But as a Business Owner I am realizing that self-promotion is a must in order to be successful. So how did this all come about? Well, I can tell you it was not something I sought out. In fact, I almost deleted…

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tribal summer fashion header

Tribal Summer Fashion 2014

One of this season’s hot trends can be found in bold colors and basic geometric shapes. The tribal summer fashion wave can be found today in almost every type of adornment, from tee shirts to beaded jewelry, shoes to gowns, animal prints to safari jackets.  Shoot, even home decor is getting in on the tribal…

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All Boy

Family’s all over the country are making their final preparations to celebrate Dad for Father’s Day this coming weekend. It’s a bittersweet day for me. On one hand I love helping my son do something special for his Dad. And on the other hand my daughter never knew her father since he died when she…

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class of 2014 message by patricia knight photography

Congrats to the Class of 2014

Congrats Class of 2014 This is my message to all those in the Class of 2014. Yes, its a word search puzzle. There are 20 words that make up the message. I will give you one hint, the words “and” “never” are used twice.

duran duran

Art Journaling – Week 23 – Music

Oh how I would love to be art journaling beside Duran Duran right now. Ever heard of The Fab Five?  Duran Duran gained that nick name after they developed a fan following (known as duranies) much like The Beetle’s did during the 1960s.  I have been a “duranie” of Duran Duran since first seeing them…

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military homecoming may 2014 patricia knight photography

The Hogan Family | Welcome Them Home

Military Homecomings are usually a time of excitement and happiness. Unless your a toddler who is up way past your bedtime. And to make matters worse, he was made to wait to see his Daddy.  He could see his Daddy right there in formation and couldn’t understand why he couldn’t run up and wrap his…

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family portraits

How I Capture Family Portraits

How I Capture Family Portraits I am envious of my fellow photographers who have photogenic families and can capture their own family portraits.  My family…NOT. SO. MUCH! Case in point, last night (just as I was heading out the door to meet a client) my husband comes out of the bathroom sporting a funky mohawk. …

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photography quote by aaron siskind

Photography is…

“Photography is a …” I just love this quote from Aaron Siskind. These days, I especially love how a photograph can help you remember the little details long after you have forgotten them. LOL!   Have a wonderful day!

art journaling page for week 15 star struck

Art Journaling – Week 15 – Star Struck

Getting caught up on my art journaling.  This week’s theme was star struck.  I couldn’t help but think of some of my favorite images that would be perfect for this art journaling page. I love night photography. I love that I live next door to Joshua Tree National Park, which has little light pollution. Which…

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