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friendly hills elementary school

Friendly Hills ES 6th Grade Social / Promotion

This week I had the pleasure of capturing the Class of 2021 as they promoted from 6th grade at Friendly Hills Elementary School.  If you haven’t done the mental math 2021 is when these students will graduated from high school.  It seems so far off into the future but it will be here before those…

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peanut cactus fire chief hybrid

The Fire Chief Peanut Cactus

All hail the Fire Chief! Earlier this week, a friend of mine posted a picture of her 24 hour blooming cactus on Facebook.  Even in the harsh afternoon sunlight, the beauty of this blooming cactus captured my attention.  I immediately replied that I would love to photograph her cactus while it was still blooming.  She…

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garmin etrex 30 blog post header

What’s new in my camera gear bag?

Yes, I have a new toy in my camera gear bag. And it’s not your normal camera gadget.  It’s a GPS unit.  More specifically it’s the Garmin eTrex 20 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator. A few years ago I got this idea of geotagging all the images I capture of joshua trees and creating a book…

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military homecoming in april

A Military Homecoming in April

April has been a busy month for military homecomings. And a busy time for those anxiously awaiting the return of their loved ones from military deployment.   Stocking the kitchen. Making banners. Cleaning house.  Getting time off from work. As for me, I get prepared by making sure all my equipment is clean and in working…

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tetrad moon

The Third Tetrad Moon

The third tetrad moon of four has been captured. I started this series of images back in April of 2014 when the first blood moon occurred.  And the second happened last October.  I’ve learned a lot since those two blood moons and I put that knowledge to good use earlier this month when the northern…

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welcome them home military homecoming video

Welcome Them Home – April’s Military Homecoming Video

These days military wives start looking for a photographer for their husband’s homecoming just after they leave for deployment.  That was the definitely the case with  Mrs. S, who contacted me just after the first of the year to commission me for her husbands homecoming.  While having coffee in our local Starbucks that January morning,…

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The Moon in Winter’s Circle

I know the calendar say’s Spring and the weather in the desert right now is no where near winter but last night I was able to capture the Moon in the Winter’s Circle of stars.  After spending last weekend in the city where light pollution totally obstructs the night sky, I appreciate the night skies…

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rain in joshua tree

Rain in Joshua Tree

Rain in Joshua Tree? We had winter like weather the last week of 2014.  And since then, it has felt more like Spring in the desert. Almost thought I was going to have to shave my legs so I could wear shorts out in public once again. And then Monday morning I woke up and…

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now showing theARTISTS Galleries

A Sort of Homecoming

As I got into my vehicle to leave the local hospital, plugged my mp3 player into the stereo and hit play. The sounds of A Sort of Homecoming by U2 began filling the air.  “How appropriate!” I thought to myself as I began to sing the words I know by heart. You see, this morning…

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patricia knight photography best of 2014

The Best of 2014

We’ve welcomed in 2015 so I guess it’s time to take a moment to look back on the best of 2014.

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