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Military Homecomings are like Christmas

As a Welcome Them Home photographer, I have attended several military homecomings over the last 4 years, and this is how I equate military homecomings to Christmas. 1. Anticipation – Kids (young and old) begin counting down the days to Christmas the moment December 1st arrives and the anticipation grows each day as you get…

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military homecoming in april

A Military Homecoming in April

April has been a busy month for military homecomings. And a busy time for those anxiously awaiting the return of their loved ones from military deployment.   Stocking the kitchen. Making banners. Cleaning house.  Getting time off from work. As for me, I get prepared by making sure all my equipment is clean and in working…

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welcome them home military homecoming video

Welcome Them Home – April’s Military Homecoming Video

These days military wives start looking for a photographer for their husband’s homecoming just after they leave for deployment.  That was the definitely the case with  Mrs. S, who contacted me just after the first of the year to commission me for her husbands homecoming.  While having coffee in our local Starbucks that January morning,…

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joshua tree photographer gets published in national magazine

Published – Woman’s World Magazine

As an Introvert, I am usually not comfortable with bringing attention to myself. But as a Business Owner I am realizing that self-promotion is a must in order to be successful. So how did this all come about? Well, I can tell you it was not something I sought out. In fact, I almost deleted…

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military homecoming may 2014 patricia knight photography

The Hogan Family | Welcome Them Home

Military Homecomings are usually a time of excitement and happiness. Unless your a toddler who is up way past your bedtime. And to make matters worse, he was made to wait to see his Daddy.  He could see his Daddy right there in formation and couldn’t understand why he couldn’t run up and wrap his…

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