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lightning in joshua tree national park captured by patricia knight photography

Star Struck by Lightning

With thunder rattling the upper atmosphere and lightning charging the skies, I grabbed my gear and prayed I wouldn’t get struck by lightning as I chased the storm cells in Joshua Tree National Park. The past 48 hours have been a whirlwind of weather.  Which is unusual for the desert.  Usually it’s just hot.  Miserably…

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tetrad moon

The Third Tetrad Moon

The third tetrad moon of four has been captured. I started this series of images back in April of 2014 when the first blood moon occurred.  And the second happened last October.  I’ve learned a lot since those two blood moons and I put that knowledge to good use earlier this month when the northern…

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The Moon in Winter’s Circle

I know the calendar say’s Spring and the weather in the desert right now is no where near winter but last night I was able to capture the Moon in the Winter’s Circle of stars.  After spending last weekend in the city where light pollution totally obstructs the night sky, I appreciate the night skies…

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